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Your home needs to produce heat! Whether you have a gas furnace or an electric one, these systems are large and formidable. The experts at M and M Oil offer a full range of heating and cooling system services. We install your boilers, furnaces, and water systems, and we repair, replace, or maintain your equipment. Just give us a call today and our helpful staff will schedule you an appointment with one of experts!

Why Consider a Furnace for My Heating System?

About 60% of the heating systems in US homes are furnaces, and there are some good reasons for this:

Heat quickly – both oil and electric furnaces heat quickly, allowing your living spaces to be warm and comfortable without a long wait.
Gas and electricity are widely available – both oil and electricity are widely available fuel sources, making furnaces an easier choice for some homes.
Parts are usually easy to come by – because of the prevalence of furnaces, attaining parts for repair and service are usually not an issue.
Units can be easily upgraded – if you need an air filter, humidifier or energy recovery ventilator for your home, these parts can be easily added to your system with the help of one of our indoor air quality experts.